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You have a lot of steps to take as a business leader. Let us help you take the most important ones.

Our passion to see you create sustainable business growth is our number one priority. Let us provide you and your team with solutions that will drive business results one project at a time.


April Goudy, Founder

April Goudy, a self-diagnosed small business growth junkie, founded The Cultivator Company in 2013 out of compassion for the small business that fail each year due to lack of skills, support, and sustainable marketing strategies.

As a small business owner, April understands the struggle that entrepreneurs have with starting and growing their dreams into reality. She wants to share her successes and failures in business with the hopes that she can help other business owners succeed.

For over 10 years April has added value small businesses by developing and implementing proven marketing strategies with a keen eye for strategic planning. She has a strong desire to partner with small business owners to create sustainable businesses that affect change in their communities, serve their customers with integrity and generate their desires revenue.

Simply put, April wants to help you grow!

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